4ooft makes a difference

As we start our spring break adventure, we find ourselves back visiting where we lived just two years ago. It's funny what all you notice that is different then home. Now I am not going to compare Tennessee to South Carolina, because well, I am fond of both, and each state has it's advantages and disadvantages.. But the one thing I did notice, that was like woah.. 60 degrees in Tennessee ( elevation 1350 ) and South Carolina (elevation 950 ) is night a day different.. Tennessee you might need a light jacket, South Carolina, damn it's hot.. I guess you can chalk it up to the difference in altitude maybe.. or the breeze coming off the Tennessee Mountains.. who knows, but wow you can feel it.. the trip down. Was good especially for the boys on a 3 hour trip.. last 30 minutes.. well they were done.. now off to visit friends and family..

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