Gold Status Family

The one thing I will say is hotel living makes you get.. creative with how and what you pack and load. Things you miss like..a real size trash can, broom and dust pans, eventually you just have to have them.. so we rethink how we organize thing, make use of our under seat storage, maximize every inch of the van and surprisingly how clean you have to keep everything.. and now we even bring our own kitchen.. insta-pot, toaster oven, induction cooker, because eating out is $50 a pop adds up quick. Luckily having a spouse that is bargain savy, we having been staying at choice hotels properties.. Econo lodges and Quality Inn and Suites, and well I am over half way to Diamond status, not sure if that is something to be proud of, but hey small victories are good things.. and so far, everyone is still alive.. Did get to go to an open house for a 3br in the middle of nowhere, but man the view of the Tennessee Hills was breath taking, so we talked to the lady hosting it named Sheri, said she had over 100 inquires, and already had 10-15 people show up to view it, and we went early to the showing. so even the most secluded places are in high demand.. tomorrow starts our spring break adventure, luckily we already packed .. till next time.. I am just a basic dad.

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