Hard to stay positive.

As we travel the east side of America, checking in five different states, just show how massive a need for affordable housing, most of the place I have seen have a single bedroom, for rent for $650. In someone's else house.. now being a family with 3 kids in tow. that won't work, nor would anyone go sure.. come on in.. Now buying is still way cheaper, however having stayed in hotels for over a month, let's just say my credit store has... Um tanked.. I have no late payments, no bankruptcy, no foreclosures, no real negatives,. Except now my credit utilization is way over 50%.. I started at 21%.. and now having seen, 20+ places and applied for that many ($49 application fee on average ) and with 20 people looking at the same place..

Now I know the housing situation will down turn in a few months, but by then.. all resources will be gone.

So even with money in hand for first, last month plus security deposit in hand. And utilities... The search for housing under $900 a month.. continues... Wherever that maybe.. off to go check 5 more places.

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