Jack Holt - Why he matters.

If you live in Morristown Tennessee and have driven on Hwy 160 in the morning, you will have seen a man, in a safety vest, waving at you as he walks down the side of the highway. Monday thru Saturday for over 8 years now. That man is Jack Holt

Now, the first time I ever saw him I was taking my son Aidan to West High School when he moved up here. I thought, oh that's cool, a guy, out for a morning walk ( keep in mind.. it winter at this time ) and just waving.. awesome positive vibe ✔️.

Next day, taking Aidan to school.. guy is there again, same thing, and next day, once again. Heavy Rain and freezing cold... He is always there. And it has been that way every day since living here. So of course me being the person I am I had to know "Why?" Will not really "why" he does it but more specifically what motivates him to want to do it. Being a small town I am sure, someone has to know, just Google everything I know... "man waving at cars hwy 160 Morristown TN " press Enter . And Boom.. there it is simple and sweet.

Today, I took Aidan to school, and sure enough, there he is again.. and I waved back, don't know if he saw me, but that didn't matter because he waves without expectations.. he waves and people choose to ignore it, or they see it.. and well, make their own reasons why, unless you know the story.

Such a simple act, and it got me thinking. That if one day I were to drive Aidan to school and I didn't see him. Probably would notice, and just say he need a personal day, but if it happened a couple days. I would probably worry, and it got me thinking about mental health. Here is a man, doing a simple act, thousands upon thousands of people have seen or know this man, and his waving has left an impression.. And we will never know just how many lives this man has touched, and neither will he know. Which got me thinking. Simple Acts Matter. Jack Holt Matters.

The Definition of Matter means literally "Everything around you" which means, You matter to someone. You have purpose, You have a reason. Even if you don't see it in yourself. It easier to say "I don't matter to anyone" then acknowledge, that maybe, just maybe a simple act you did, actually DID matter. Being a homeless family at the moment, I am thankful for the Jack Holts in this world, because it does truly matter.

(Photo from news article by Cliff Hightower Tribune Assistant Editor Sep 24, 2018 )

Edit: Another Articles Here ( Thanks Lisa for this )

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