Maggie Valley, final goodbyes

Maggie Valley, showed me a lot.. and also being a history guy, I learned so much. That simple innocence is good, and being on top of the mountain is not. This place was named after Maggie Mae Setzer Plyant (1890-1979) the daughter ( one of three ) of Jack Setzer, who just wanted a post office closer to his home.. now of course like any child that would have a post office named after her this blonde hair blue-eyed young child did what most children would do, ran home to her log cabin, cried and embarrassed.. she would eventually move to Texas. Now if you go visit this peaceful beautiful town.. and you stay long enough you will learn that Miss Maggie is a person that exists in title today in the city.. Miss Maggie is not an honorary title given to somebody in memory of that small blonde hair blue-eyed child but instead to remember Jennie Reninger..

Jennie Reninger was a very accomplished woman who moved to Maggie Valley in 1980. Originally a bookkeeper in the 1920s became a landowner owned, cattle farmer, And sold real estate and in a course of 14 years traveled 131 countries. She eventually visited Maggie Valley and loved it so much she moved there. The city was beautiful but she was so upset that people would trash the sidewalks and the land around it.. so every morning she would wake up and pick up all the trash she saw on her daily walks and she did this before most people were awake to avoid being called the crazy trash lady.. eventually enough people saw what she was doing and instead of calling her a crazy trash lady gave her the honorary title of Miss Maggie the caretaker of Maggie Valley.. and this title is still passed down to somebody in the city as a badge of honor.. and even today if you walk through Maggie Valley you will notice how clean the streets stay..

Loading up and heading for base camp in Tennessee, I am reminded that sometimes to find the beauty in anything starts with making the life around you beautiful, and inside you.


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