Maggie Valley, so beautiful.

I am relaxing in Maggie Valley NC, it's been another rough week with no more hope of finding a place. So before heading back to the base hotel, I need a break.. tourist town.. off season. Cheap for the win.. Today was surreal, in visiting with family in Greenville SC, for a moment it felt.. familiar, like I could breathe for a minute. It wasn't a long minute.. because.. well.. we had to play the next day encounter, the next destination.. so you bounce between feeling normal, then all alone.. the world is entirely on your shoulders... Your constantly fighting, between happiness and being overwhelmed.. and I know soon , I will have to park the van, wherever, and walk into a homeless shelter.. and that scares me, because at that moment I will feel like I have failed, my family.. well more then I already have.. but, I won't let that slow me down today or tomorrow.. because .. there is always hope...

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