Mental Health and Homeless

As any normal family, you wake up.. get the kids ready for school, feed them.. gather them up and off to school.. I come back home to wake the two youngest, and feed them and off on our day.. and that's about where normal ends. I am just a basic dad but I also suffer with mental illness. ADHD gives me the go go power, and Caretaker Syndrome.. make me want to save everyone .. but this is not always a good thing. Mental Illness is all around me and it wasn't until recently it came into full effect. So now I sit here.. a 42 year old father, and I am homeless, trying to hold everything together while raising 3 boys in tow.. now I am a father of five, my oldest is fully grown and living his life with his family, my second oldest (15) is staying with my parents, so he can finish his high school years, somewhere a bit more stable and is very smart and self sufficient. And the three youngest are with me and my spouse, trying to find... A beginning. So as I sit at a Quality Inn, feeding the two youngest... With a day ahead of us.. finding a place to live.. I still consider myself lucky..

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