Simple Acts

Never could I have imagined a simple wave inspiring a blog, which would inspire other to read, share, meet this amazing God loving man name Jack and also write about him. It's an amazing chain reaction, of how fast positivity can spread, 150 shares, over 4500 views, and now other share their own personal stories. To have another member of the blogging community mention me, I am honored and humbled. Even in the darkness,. There is always a light if you look for it.

Shout out to Steve Patterson for bestowing me a honor, which I am grateful for.. a shout out on his blog at . As this whole community becomes one big family light in the world..

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Maggie Valley, showed me a lot.. and also being a history guy, I learned so much. That simple innocence is good, and being on top of the mountain is not. This place was named after Maggie Mae Setzer