The Dream is becoming a reality.

Today the reality of just how close I am to finally pressing the record button on a dream, months in the making, is setting in. installing the lighting system just makes it a tad more real and the worries and doubts I had now turn to excitement and optimism. Today I will receive the rest of the audio gear and putting this all together with my week of learning the the video editing software has been enjoyable and frustrating, and I am so grateful for the creators on YouTube that are willing to teach how it's done. The guys at Film Booth ( who are so under appreciated ) especially ED, gave me answers to questions I had never thought of during this part of my journey, help me more then anyone else, and to them I will be forever a fan. Following the spirit of Justabasicdad, yesterday I learned, today I have grown, and now even sooner.. I can teach.

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