Why parents should TikTok.

Love it or hate it, TikTok is here to stay and there is no stop in sight . We as parents, need to be apart of this trend, but not for the reasons you're thinking of.

TikTok is one of the largest social media apps in the world. Originally starting as the app Musical.ly, a lip-syncing music video site, has grown to a variety of content in short bite size pieces, which works well in today's fast paced society.

Now with everything social media related, it does have it's good and bad, but overall my experiences with the site have been overall positive, informative, and creative. The thing I noticed was a lot of dancing and lip-syncing, but also alot of funny, creative, and interesting content. There is truly content for everyone and the " For You Page " will take the content and creators you like, and customize it to you specifically, suggesting more tiktoks you might enjoy.

Now here is where parents are important. We need to help guide or actively teach on it. Take time to see what videos are showing up on your children's feed. This can be a huge insight into your child's inner thinking. You can find out what interest then, how they feel about certain topics, and what they struggle with. Here is an opportunity to encourage the positives, and talk and listen about topics the might have questions about..

TikTok is a user content driven machine, which means everyone creates what is shown. So we can ourselves produce content that young adults may find interesting, educating, funny, and intriguing. We can reach a wide audience with our messages and teach it. Don't just think that teaching something is all you will do, you will also learn from it. Numerous adult creators have found courage to do things, such as accepting themselves for who they are, learning a new art, managing credit, and discovering their own talents that was locked away for years, because they saw the courage, strength and creativity in a young creator. It truly is a two way street.

You don't have to approve of TikTok, but accept it as a tool that can be useful for everyone. Because together we can Learn, Grow, Teach and I'm Just A Basic Dad.

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